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Water sanding, also called “wet sanding” is a process that can be used to remove imperfections in a car’s paint job, caused during the paint’s application, or by damage that has occurred since.

Water sanding isn’t meant to be an overly aggressive process, but the nature of the tools used means that there is great potential for damage to your car’s paint, which is why it’s best left to the professionals.  Wet sanding, when done properly, can vastly improve the appearance of a vehicle’s finish.  Done incorrectly, it can ruin your paint.

Making Good Paint Great

No matter how high quality the paint job on your car is, it will often benefit from the improved smoothness that can be brought about by the water sanding process.  It removes tiny imperfections in the topmost layer of your car’s paint, the clearcoat.  These imperfections could be tiny swirls or scratches, runs, or most commonly “orange peel” caused by partial drying of the clear coat as it’s being applied.  A certain amount of orange peel is to be expected even in a high-end factory paint job (Porsche and Ferrari aren’t immune), but it can detract from the overall appearance of the car.  

Making Great Paint Even Better

The goal of most automotive detailing processes is to return your vehicle to a “factory fresh” appearance.  Water sanding can actually improve a brand new finish.  It’s labour intensive and requires a specific skill, so custom paint shops often don’t do it appropriately.

If your car’s factory paint job doesn’t “wow” you or you’re a little less than thrilled with your custom paint job’s imperfections, water sanding at Detailify can push it over the top.  

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Trust Water Sanding to the Professionals at Detailify

Water sanding isn’t for novices.  It involves taking actual sandpaper (granted, in grits starting at 1000 and getting finer as the job progresses) to your car’s paint.  All edges, where the clearcoat tends to be thinner, are carefully masked off beforehand to avoid damage.

At Detailify, our technicians have done this countless times.  All water sanding is done with the very best equipment - quality abrasives, always new, and fresh clean water. Your car will be constantly rinsed during the process to ensure there are no contaminants.

Toronto’s Water Sanding Specialist

Detailify’s car detailing shop may be new, but our technicians have decades of experience in the business.  We’re becoming known in the local car enthusiast community because we’re true professionals in our field.  You’ll be able to tell when you visit our shop, and you’ll certainly see it in our work.

Contact Detailify today.  Call us to discuss your needs, or schedule an appointment online.

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