Commercial Vehicle Fleet Wrap By Detailify 

When it comes to non-physical assets, your company’s brand identity is second only to its reputation.

By choosing a vinyl wrap for your vehicle from Detailify, you’ll be relying on our reputation to help build your image.

Vinyl wraps are perfect for corporate vehicles, whether you operate just one of an entire fleet.  Properly applied, vinyl will be indiscernible from custom paint at a much more affordable price point.


With custom printed vinyl wraps for your company vehicles, a level of consistency can be achieved that can’t with decals alone.  A vinyl wrap can be used on all of a vehicle’s body panels, which means that, regardless of the original colour, your cars will look the same.

When it comes to resale, your vehicles will retain more value because the vinyl can be removed, uncovering the vehicle’s original paint, which generally makes them more valuable than cars that are resprayed white for fleet use. 

The Detailify Vinyl Wrap Process

In cooperation with Detailify’s design department, you’ll come up with the design for your wraps, including any identification graphics you want.  Detailify will produce custom-printed vinyl for your cars.  Our trained technicians will then take your company’s car, truck, or other utility vehicles and remove all dirt, wax, and other foreign particles from the finish.  Then vinyl is carefully applied to each of the vehicle’s panels. All air bubbles and other imperfections are carefully dealt with before the adhesive is allowed to “grab” the surface of the paint.

The Result

Once wrapped, your corporate vehicles are ready to hit the road and make you look good.  No specialized care is required - the vinyl film is quite tough, so it’ll be resistant to stone chips and other road damage.  No polishing or waxing will be required. The vinyl will keep its sheen indefinitely.  All you will have to do to keep your fleet looking great is wash the cars.  We hate to say it, but you could even use an automatic car wash.  If a vinyl panel gets damaged, replacing it is relatively simple and far less costly than repairing paint damage.

Professional Commercial Fleet Wrapping Services

Whether you’re starting your business, scaling up, replacing existing fleet vehicles, or just freshening your image, vinyl wraps from Detailify are cost-effective, look great, and can be applied in much less time than custom paint.

Call Detailify today to discover how vinyl wraps can help you boost your company’s image on the ‘six and beyond! 

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