Car Polishing and Buffing By Detailify 

Car Paint Buffing

Buffing and polishing your car is one of the most important steps in making your paint job look factory fresh and keeping it that way.

Professional buffing and polishing service is more than just a quick waxing of your car.  Car wax polish is an integral part of the process, as it forms a protective layer over your car’s paintwork.  However, without first buffing and polishing your paint, you are merely applying a band-aid solution.

Damage Repaired by Buffing and Polishing

Tiny imperfections in your paint’s clear coat layer, caused by a variety of factors, can detract from your car’s appearance.  These imperfections often come in the form of swirl marks caused by improper washing and polishing techniques.  Automatic “drive-through” tunnel carwashes are often the culprit, as are driveway washes that don’t follow the “two-bucket method” to keep impurities out of the wash water and avoid scratching the car’s finish.

Other factors that damage the clearcoat include stone chips, bird droppings, and UV damage caused by the sun. Clearcoat damage is insidious.  It causes a general dulling of your car’s finish, the cause of which isn’t immediately apparent. The result is a car that just doesn’t look its best.

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The Detailify Process

Buffing and car polishing service at Detailify is always carried out by an experienced technician, as it involves the removal of a small part of your vehicle’s clear coat.  While it stops short of the more aggressive Paint Correction procedure, this removal must be carefully carried out to ensure that the clear coat remains wholly intact, as burning through it will damage your car’s paint forever.

We use various products and techniques in polishing customers’ cars to ensure that just the right amount of polishing is carried out to remove imperfections while maintaining the integrity of your factory-applied or custom aftermarket paint job.  Tools range from specialized mechanical buffing machines to soft cloths, and the products we use range from fairly aggressive polishes to creams with only the smallest abrasive particles. 

Once polished, your vehicle will be washed to remove any particles lifted from the clearcoat, and a durable wax polish applied. This wax isn’t to fill imperfections - they’ve already been removed.  It’s a protective layer that will protect your paint from damage caused by stones, abrasive particles, and caustic chemicals found in bird droppings and even rainwater.  It will be periodically reapplied, depending on the environment faced by your car.  Keeping your vehicle out of the sun, whether in a garage or under a cover, will extend the life of the wax.  If you return in time, Detailify will be able to reapply the wax without an aggressive polish, which will keep your car’s protective clearcoat stronger for a more extended period.

Each and every panel of your vehicle will receive our utmost attention, regardless of its visibility.  When we’re done, your car will look good from every angle and in any light.  Buffing and polishing is one of Detailify’s core services and is one of the best tools we can use to keep your whip looking better than new!  Schedule an appointment online today.

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