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Ceramic Coating is the future of car detailing. Don’t go another day with an unprotected paint job. At Detailify we apply the latest in ceramic coating technology to vehicles to protect both the car detailing and exterior paint plus give you unmatched levels of gloss and shine.

What is a Ceramic Coating Auto Detailing?

A ceramic coating is a layer of epoxy polymer, or quartz (silicon dioxide) that’s applied as protection over a car’s finish. It bonds to the paint semi-permanently and is transparent, glossy, and hard.  It’s also hydrophobic, which means that liquids don’t stick to it.

Why Ceramic Coating?

Traditionally, a clean car is coated with wax (which lasts a couple of months) or a paint sealant (which lasts a few more) to protect its “just cleaned” look, and to keep abrasives, contaminants, and the harsh rays of the sun from damaging the paint.  A ceramic coating auto detailing does all of the above, plus, and it lasts a lot longer.

Water beads off of car ceramic coating, in the same way that it does off of wax, but the effect lasts much longer.  This means that contaminants in rainwater and other liquids that land on your paint will, for the most part, run off with the water. This prevents etching and other chemical damage that can be caused by leaving these deposits on your paint for too long.

Ceramic coatings must be applied right after a car’s paint has been cleaned, and any imperfections in the surface, like scratches, “spider webs” and swirls from improper washing or automatic car washes.  Rather than hiding imperfections, ceramic coating your car will only serve to make them more visible.

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Pros and Cons of Car Ceramic Coating

A ceramic pro coating is the most expensive form of paint protection for your car, per application.  It will, however, last a long time (years, in the best case) before it will need to be redone.  This means that more money spent upfront should save your cash in the long run.  Some detailers, in an effort to sell you on the benefit of ceramics, will inflate their virtues.  Ceramic pro car detailing is an excellent long-term choice for paint protection, but it’s not like you can put it on and ignore your car thereafter.  There will still be some maintenance going forward.

Can I Apply Ceramic Coating Myself?

While DIY kits exist, it’s best applied by a professional (we swear we’re not saying this just because we’re pros).  Any mistakes will require an area of the vehicle to be wet sanded to remove the coating before it’s reapplied, which is a very specialized job that will remove part of your car’s clear coat.  Save yourself time and hassle and trust this job to professionals.  Of course, we’re going to tell you to bring it to Detailify, but really, take it anywhere rather than try it in the driveway. 

The Detailify Advantage

Deatilify is the Toronto expert when it comes to ceramic coatings.  Our technicians understand the products and the processes, and we 100% stand behind our work. When you’re looking for ceramic coatings in the ‘six, come to Detailify.  Contact us today.

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