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When detailing, a boat is just the same as a car. Except when it’s not.

Boats and cars have a lot in common.  Both are occupied by messy passengers, both spend a lot of time sitting outside in the sun, and both are susceptible to damage from dust, dirt, road grime, and stone chips. And really, that’s where the similarities end.  When you bring your boat into Detailify, you’re bringing it to one of Toronto’s most knowledgeable detailing shops. We know what boats need, and we will deliver it quickly.  Ontario’s boating season is short enough without tying your watercraft up for days in our shop.

Interior Detailing - Marine

The interior of a boat is likely to get a whole lot “dirtier” than the inside of a car because a boat is often open to the elements, and people tend to eat and drink in them more often. And sometimes they’re not careful. And then there’s the sports - tubing and waterskiing brings water aboard as people climb in and out.  Occasionally, fishing can make its own unique mess.  Summer smells like sunscreen and bug spray, but there’s no reason that your boat has to.

At Detailify, we will scrub your boat’s interior clean, using aggressive techniques and products designed to do the job but not harm your interior finishes.  No part of your boat’s interior will be missed.  All seats, cushions, carpets, and other fabric or vinyl surfaces will be deep-cleaned, your carpet or flooring surface will be deeply cleaned using a brush and the appropriate shampoo. An outboard engine will be cleaned and polished.  An inboard will be cleaned and degreased, with any oil and debris carefully removed from the bilge.

Exterior Detailing - Marine

The outside surface of your boat looks very similar to an automotive finish but is very different.  Cars are generally painted steel and plastic, while boat hulls are either made of fibreglass composite covered with a gel coat or aluminium, either left natural, painted, or with vinyl applied. At Detailify, we know how to treat each of these finishes.  We have specialized tools and products specific for marine use, in addition to specific knowledge of boat polishing.  We know how to restore a gelcoat or painted aluminum finish to an as-new appearance without damage.  Boats, in general, are both simpler and more difficult to clean and polish than cars.  Rest assured, we will take the same care with your watercraft that we do with all of our customers’ automobiles.

And we won’t forget your trailer.  Your boat’s carrier will be cleaned thoroughly, polished and coated with a protectant, and the rims and tires will be cleaned and dressed just like those of a sports car.  If you need boat detailing in the GTA, check out Detailify.  We’re the vehicle and car detailing experts.

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