Car Wraps & PPF

Wrapping & PPF

At Detailify, if you want a custom finish to your car, come to us for professional car wrapping and paint protection coating services. Vinyl Wraps for cars have come a long way. Vinyl wraps will adhere to your car and look like they’re painted on, but they can be removed without damaging the finish underneath.Now you can change the look of your car every season or even every week, depending on your mood. With our patented gripper technology, you can put vinyl decals on your windshield and rear window with no air bubbles.

Car wrapping is a great way to stand out as an individual without having to paint your car an outrageous color.

Wrapping & PPF

How Car Wrapping And PPF Works

Most people have seen car wraps in action, but we’ll take a second to explain what they are. Essentially, it’s a removable vinyl coating that typically covers the entire exterior of a vehicle; sometimes even the interior. The fascinating thing about vinyl wraps is that they aren’t just made out of vinyl; they contain organic microfiber that is applied to the vehicle and then adhered using high-powered spray guns. Once the wrap is applied, it can be heat-welded to the car for a smooth, seamless appearance.

We Are The Auto Detailing Pros

We know how critical your vehicle is to your everyday life. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to detailing your vehicle inside and out.

When you need expert car wrapping and paint protection coating services, Detailify is the place to come. We have a dedicated team of professionals, ready to work on your car and give it a unique finish. Modernisation means that now you can get a vinyl wrap for your car that will not damage the paint or the finish underneath, but that can be removed should you ever want to do so.


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