Corporate Auto Detailing By Detailify

Companies and organizations put their names on their vehicles as a form of free advertising. Your vehicles serve as moving offices, shops, and even meeting rooms, as well as mobile billboards out there on the road.

A nice, clean interior will remind your employees that they are at work, and they will, consciously or subconsciously, carry themselves in a more professional manner.  A well-kept exterior will bolster your image with the public, putting your best foot forward and giving your company the edge when it comes to decision making time for those seeking the product or service you provide.

Corporate Fleet Detailing Services

We can tailor detailing services to meet the unique needs of your vehicle or fleet. No two companies need the same service.  A construction company is going to have more strenuous needs than a pharmaceutical delivery service, and we will design the program specifically to your needs and your taste.

Available Corporate Car Detailing Services:

We offer corporate clients all of the same car detailing services that we provide to private vehicles, but on a larger scale. These include:

Exterior Wash

We’ll clean the exterior of your business vehicle to keep it looking good.  Wheels and tires will be specially treated to remove road grime, brake dust, and any other nasty stuff you’ve picked up on the road.  Exterior glass, including mirrors, will be cleaned, and all water droplets will be removed for a spotless sheen. 


We will polish or wax the vehicle’s exterior to keep it looking good longer.  We always take extra care when working on cars with applied graphics or wraps to ensure your message isn’t clouded by accidental damage.

Interior Detailing Clean

We’ll remove any trash, vacuum the carpets and upholstery, and clean the dash, door panels, console, and instrument cluster.  

Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo

We’ll deep clean the car or truck interior to keep it looking new.


We offer interior disinfectant service to make your company vehicles a safe space for your employees during this challenging time.

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Detailify’s Advantage

Detailify is Toronto’s go-to detailer for corporate services.  Whether your fleet is one vehicle, or one hundred, we’ve got the capacity and know-how to ensure that your company or organization puts its best wheel forward out on the road every day.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you do that, including special corporate detailing pricing for fleets.

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