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Paint Correction

Paint correction is a term often used by detailers to describe their polishing method.  True pain correction removes imperfection in the paint using skill and specialized products.  When not done properly, “corrected paint” will return to its original, damaged state after a few car washes, as the silicon products used by amateurs and less knowledgeable car detailers are rinsed off.

At Detailify, we offer a true paint correction service. 


Our Paint Correction Services

We attack imperfections in your car’s clear coat (the top layer of the paint, which seals in the pigmented undercoat).  This layer is designed to provide a hard-surfaced level of protection for your vehicle’s finish.  The clearcoat, however, once damaged, degrades in appearance.

The most common type of damage is “spider-webbing” and swirl marks, caused by incorrect washing and polishing methods, abrasion damage and chips from airborne particles, and chemical damage from bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain. Clearcoat damage can make your car’s paint job look lifeless and dull, and detracts heavily from the appearance of your vehicle.  Washing your car won’t make a difference, and the addition of topcoat products, which are wax or silicon-based, can only help for a short time. 

True paint correction involves the delicate art of subtracting the damaged portion of the clearcoat using specialized abrasives, machine polishing, and extensive handwork by a qualified paint correction technician.

Auto Finishing Varies

At Detailify, we have experience with the various car painting techniques used by manufacturers, Domestic, European, and Japanese.  Each manufacturer uses slightly different products, which means our approach to each automobile will vary.

True paint correction service is different for each case, depending on the clear coat on the vehicle, the nature of the damage, and any previous work done. So long as the damage doesn’t penetrate the outer layer of the factory paint job, a paint correction service at Detailify will restore the appearance of your car’s paint to the factory - or, in many cases, better.  Book an appointment today!

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