Car Wrapping By Detailify

Want a custom finish on your car, but find the price (and the permanence) of a paint job a little daunting?

You might want to consider a vinyl wrap for your car.  The technology has come a long way, and now you can have basically any colour you like applied to your car for far less than a custom paint job, and it’s only semi-permanent.  Vinyl wraps will adhere to your car and look like they’re painted on, but they can be removed without damaging the finish underneath, so you can go back to factory, or apply another wrap in a different colour.


One of the most appealing things about a vinyl wrap for your car is that you aren’t limited to a simple paint colour.  You can get off the shelf vinyl in patterns that look exactly like carbon fiber, chrome, or even snake skin.  


Vinyl will do double duty while it’s on your car.  It will be your car’s finish, and it will protect your car’s original finish underneath.  Most of the damage that your paint would take from stone chips, door dings, etc. will be absorbed by the vinyl, so when you take it off, the finish underneath will be as pristine as it was before the application. As an added bonus, if your vinyl wrap is damaged, you need only have it replaced on that one panel of your vehicle to restore its original appearance, which will cost you far less than it would to have that panel painted.

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Vinyl can also be purchased in white, and custom printed with any design you like.  Detailify can hook you up with one-of-a-kind finishes that will turn heads wherever you go.   We’re proud of the work we’ve done for vehicles that appear in car shows, but our favourite cars are the ones we do for customers who are going to drive them every day.

Partial Wraps

Want a hood that looks like carbon fibre without the price tag?  Want to change the colour of your roof for added contrast?  Would you like your spoiler to look like it’s made of chrome?  There’s no limitation to the possibilities that vinyl wraps can give you, and Detailify is your Toronto area wrap specialist.  Come visit us today!

The Detailify Difference

Detailify uses only the highest quality vinyl on the cars that we wrap, and only our best technicians are placed on wrap jobs.  We will begin by cleaning your car’s exterior thoroughly, so that the vinyl will have a clean, particle free surface to adhere to.  We’ll then apply vinyl gently to the surface of your car, trimming carefully to create 100% coverage, emulating a high quality paint job at a fraction of the price.

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