The Best Car Detailing Services

Detailing a new car? There are few things more satisfying than the smell of a new car, but if you’ve ever owned one, you’ve probably noticed that smell starts to go away pretty quickly.

Our job isn’t just to clean your car – it’s to give it the kind of cleaning it deserves, and make it feel as good as it did the day you drove it home from the dealership. At Detailify, we do all that we can to get your car looking and feeling as good as your first memory of it.

Professional Auto Detailing Services 

Having your car detailed by experienced professionals is the best way to keep it looking like new between washes, and will help protect it from the damaging effects of the elements. We can work with any budget, offer free estimates, and accept all major credit cards. Our staff are highly trained and know everything there is to know about cars to get them looking spiffy.

Car Detailing In The GTA

We’re dedicated to keeping your car looking its best. A full-service detailing at Detailify is more than just a cleaning - it’s a deep cleaning by an attentive team of technicians who care about your satisfaction. 

That begins with a full service detailing at our shop. We deep clean your vehicle, inside and out, and treat it to a hand-polished shine. There’s no detail too big or small for us to handle, either. Our team is always happy to go above and beyond for our clients.

We know that our reputation is only as good as the job we’re currently doing, and we value our reputation almost as much as you value your car.

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